How to be a Positive Thinker 


Today on our Facebook page my dear friend spoke on changing negative thinking into positive thinking. She spoke about how you cannot focus on negative things but you have to redirect those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Sometimes it can be hard because we focus on the wrong things,  we get frustrated , and we try to fix problems ourselves and we make them worse. When there’s an issue and a life you have to reset your thinking and we focus on the things that you can change in a positive way and that look on the bad side of things but look on the good side of the bed they let may be happening to you.


  1. Start your day positively: write down the positive things that you are expecting to happen to you today .
  2. Live a healthy lifestyle: Your health and nutrition plays a vital role in your behavior and attitude towards life! Eating healthy balanced meals increases your energy throughout the day and helps your mood.
  3. When you hear a negative thought counteract it with a positive thought: It’s been very easy for us to say negative things but we need to start to filter our thoughts and think positively. If a negative thought pops in your head, STOP and think about a positive statement to counteract it. For example, Negative: Man I must be stupid because I can’t figure this out. Positive: Let me think this through there has to be a better solution.
  4. Say Daily Affirmations: Affirmations are things you say aloud to encourage yourself and make yourself feel good. We talk about this all the time and daily on our page. We post daily videos to help you with this as it isn’t always easy to start. CLICK HERE FOR DAILY AFFIRMATIONS VIDEOS
  5. Hang around positive people: I’m real big on you are the company you keep. If you hang around positive people you have no choice but to be happy and stay positive! This is also good b/c if you are feeling a little bit down these are the same people that will encourage you and uplift you

Being a positive thinker takes time and practice. When you have experience trauma in your life it takes quite a while to get back to that child hood happiness that we once knew, BUT IT CAN BE DONE! It takes approximately 21 day to create a habit so try these 5 tips daily and I ensure you that you will be on your way to victory and will become a positive thinker!

Below is the referenced video on positive thinking! Check it out!




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