5 Proven ways to get rid of Anxiety and Heart Palps

I couldn’t breathe. Air was going in and out but I couldn’t feel it.  I was shakin2015-03-09-1425859224-5087651-NBuQoYuvg and struggling for air. At the same time my heart was thumping and it felt like beats were being skipped. Oh my God am I dying? Not like this please God no. This is how anxiety feels and no one can tell you any different. The fact that Heart Palpitations are working along with the anxiety didn’t make it any better. Anxiety and Heart Palps are the two scariest things in life in my opinion.


Anxiety and Heart Palps, My Background Story!

I was in an abusive relationship years ago that ultimately almost led to my death. I was beaten with everything from his bare fists to tools like wrenches and hammers. These were straight to the face, no mercy. I finally left my abusive relationship but it left me in a state where my body was always in what they call “fight or flight” mode. It was like my body was always alert to any and everything. Even though I was out of the situation it caused me to have extreme anxiety.

Read further to learn 5 ways to Get rid of Anxiety and Heart Palps

What are Heart Palpitations? Have I experienced them?

For starters let me tell you heart palpitations are the scariest things to feel in life, in my opinion. It feels like your heart has skipped a beat or that there’s a tiny midget in your chest about to jump out. If your talking it literally makes you stop mid sentence. The Medical definition of it is this: the unpleasant sensation of irregular or forceful beating of the heart. Most heart palpitations are harmless you don’t have heart disease nor an abnormal heart rhythm . (This is in a healthy person). So it literally is just a sensitive awareness of your heart fluctuating due to certain activities.

I recently started having heart palps and didn’t know what the cause was I got so scared of them that I went to the ER. They did an EKG monitored my heart and just like a mechanic when you bring your car in, nothing was wrong. I was confused ! No I just KNEW I was dying. I went to my PA and she saw my history of Anxiety and said this is caused by anxiety as well. What? I know what anxiety was but it has never caused my heart to act all crazy.

heart and stethoscope in vintage style

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is defined as an emotion that has a nervous behavior attached to it. It can be compared to deep fear but it is definitely not the same. Fear is your response to a threat anxiety is your response to a perceived threat when there may not even be one. It is also a sense of deep worry and irritation. My anxiety came from , as I said earlier, my fight or flight craziness. Certain things would cause me to tense up and go into full panic mode. The fact that I cannot control my environment sometimes did this to me. hello-my-name-is-anxiety-1

To have this extreme anxiety and these heart palps was too much I had to do something! I could not keep living like this, always in panic attack , always worried, constantly going to the doctors because I felt like I was dying from a heart attack. Heart Palps are uncomfortable and it caused even more anxiety which lead to more heart palps it was a terrible vicious cycle.

5 Proven ways to get rid of Anxiety and Heart Palps

Finally enough was enough! I had to do something. When I left the doctors they did find out that I was very low on Vitamin D and was Anemic but even after that I still had my heart palps. Anxiety, forget it , I was tired of taking different meds everyday, They sometimes seem to do more harm then good.  I took matters into my own hand and GUESS WHAT I haven’t experienced hardly any anxiety and heart palps! I’ve been so relieved that I wanted to share with you what I did to get rid of both of these horrible conditions..

  1. Drink Water:      Dehydration is a major cause of heart palps. Think about it our bodies are made of 80% water! If we lack the fluid needed to moisturize our organs and body it puts a strain on our bodies to include our heart! Your blood contains water if you lack water your blood becomes thicker and the heart has to work harder to pump blood throughout the body.
  2. Avoid Stimulants:     As much as I loved coffee and soda I had to give it up to save myself. These stimulants causes your heart to beat faster. They also cause your nerves to go crazy your more jumpy and you get startled easier. Some other stimulants to stay away from are: tobacco, marijuana, excessive alcohol, cough and cold meds, appetite suppressants, and some high blood pressure medications.
  3. Try relaxation techniques:     My favorite relaxation exercise was yoga. Was it hard at first? Heck yea! Yoga, as hard as it is, is very relaxing and it teaches you good breathing techniques. My favorite relaxation technique is the Legs Up relaxation method. Read about it here : LEGS UP


  4. Try Deep Breathing Exercises:      It seems simple but deep breathing is the fastest ways to get relaxed. It is one of the powerful methods for easing Anxiety. Here is how to do deep breathing : * Sit comfortably with back straight * Breath deeply through your nose and make sure your stomach expands *exhale through your mouth and contract your stomach, your stomach should move in as you breathe out *continue doing this for about a minute.
  5. Drink Herbal Teas:     Tea for me is magical it’s like a hug in a cup I love it! It’s proven that teat relaxes the body and eases the mind. My favorite teas are chamomile and green tea. These are both known to calm you down. It effects the same receptors in your brain as valium does. Individuals that drink tea before bed has seen significant results in decreasing their anxiety and heart palps!

This has been my experience with anxiety and heart palps. I know how horrible I felt having this condition and I am so relieved to have finally found what works for me in reliving the stress of these conditions. I hope this blog has been a help to you as well!

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Comment on your experience with Anxiety an what you have done to cope and even heal this condition in your life!




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